Futures Research Institute

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Our team equipped with over 60 professional researchers; 90% of them are with master and above degrees; abundant working experience.

Research Center (Hangzhou):

Focus on institutional investors, portfolio customers and major industrial customers; proficient in arbitrage, hedge and asset portfolio management

Research Institute (Beijing):

Focus on service for brokers and traders, proficient in hedging and program trading


Twelve varieties commissions:

Yongan Futures Varieties Commission has gathered excellent analysts and key personnel from Futures Research Center and 40 branches in mainland China, concentrated research and customer resources on trade variety industry chain, and enhanced service ability on black, nonferrous, energy-chemistry varieties to achieve mutual benefits.


Joint R&D Institutions:

Post-Doctor Work Station

Obtained the qualification in 2010 and formally established in 2012

AFR Financial Science and Engineering Researching Center

Jointly built with Zhejiang Academy of Financial Research in 2011

Overseas Futures Training Base

Jointly built with Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group in 2011


R&D Positioning:

Market IntegrationInvestment IntegrationPractical Integration